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About Us

We’re proud cough… cough, splutter… cough, choke… scots that believe our region’s best interests are served by sending all our money to the Mother Country and having them give us some back.

In return we’re allowed to house the Land of the Free’s nuclear weapons for them in addition to the myriad of other benefits we get.  There just aren’t enough electrons on the internet to describe these, but you can get an idea of some of them for yourselves by watching the BBC and STV or reading any of our quality daily newspapers like the Record, Sun, Scotsman, Herald, etc.

Suffice to say that we get to punch above our weight, stand taller on the world stage, be stronger together and weaker apart and get the best of both worlds.  How can anyone argue with that?

All that makes us really proud.  Really proud.

This is not about our fat Westminster salaries and pensions or bloated expense accounts.  It’s not even about a potential seat in the House of Lords at the end of our Commons careers.  It’s all about leading the fight against the evils of those who would rip their barren wasteland out of the most successful partnership the visible universe has ever seen.  On this site we pay tribute to those North British patriots who stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

We must go unto the breach, dear friends.  For Harry, England and St George!


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